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Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth

a Studio release
The Mute Gods

Release Year: 2017

Date Label Catalog # Comments
24 Feb 2017 InsideOut Music
24 Feb 2017 Special CD in digipak edition. Comes with signed postcard.
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  1. Saltatio Mortis
  2. Animal Army
  3. We Can't Carry On
  4. The Dumbing Of The Stupid
  5. Early Warning
  6. Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth
  7. Window Onto The Sun
  8. Lament
  9. The Singing Fish of Batticaloa
  10. Hallelujah
  11. The Andromeda Strain
  12. Stranger Than Fiction 

Nick Beggs
bass, Chapman Stick, guitars, keyboards, vocals, programmiing

Roger King
keyboards, guitars, backing vocals, programming, produciton

Marco Minnemann
drums, percussion, guitars, sound design