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a Studio release
T (Thomas Thielen)

Release Year: 2016

Date Label Catalog # Comments
09 Dec 2016 Progressive Promotion Records PPRCD044

All music and lyrics by T
Arranged and mixed by T
Mastered by Jürgen Lusky

Epistrophobiais the second part of a journey begun in Fragmentropy. Where Fragmentropy was constructed as an epic poem, Epistrophobia tries to be a painting in words. The store is told in scenes and snapshots of distored perspectives, illocal colours and impressionist subjectivisms.

So actually the story is not told, it is asked, suggested, taken back, rephrased, crossed out, written across - a palimsest within a palimpsest, a fractal of causes and effects, like traces crisscrossed in the snow, with every listen you might find yourself be led somewhwere else.

Yet, it all ends where it starts. In the end there's just beginnings. Because there is no such that as a place to start or end. What if things aren't things? Masks behind masks and endless possiblity in a whirl of turning around, reflecting, feflections, epistrophe and epistrophisms: Look at yourself, so you see are not your self.

Ephistrophobiawill be followed by a third album containing chapters 7 to 9.


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Chapter Four: A Poet's Downfall

  1. In Abeyance
  2. The Dark Beyond Our Fears

Chapter Five: Contingencies

  1. What If
  2. What If Not
  3. Forgiven

Chapter Six: The Place Beyond The Skies

  1. A Mask Behind A Mask
  2. Epistrophe

T (aka Thomas Thielen)
vocals, all instruments