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Psalm 6

a Single or EP release
Roz Vitalis

Release Year: 2016

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Released on 11 Sep 2016. 

Psalm 6 is the concept EP-album about spiritual quest and emotional upheaval of human being in a situation of strong stress. The title track and “Passing Over” are designed to be in the forthcoming studio full-length album with some adjustments. “The Prophet” is the soundtrack to the very famous opus by poet A. S. Pushkin.

This album is "a wholesale artistic statement" rather than "a bunch of songs". 33 minutes of sinking into the spiritual world of human being seeking truth in the times of trouble.

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  1. Psalm 6 - 8:32
  2. Trattamento 1 - 3:35
  3. The Prophet - 6:03
  4. Denial Of Access - 3:43
  5. Passing Over - 7:07
  6. Trattamento 2 - 4:16

Ivan Rozmainsky
grand Bluthner piano, electric keyboards and metallophone

Alexey Gorshkov
trumpets and acoustic guitar

Ruslan Kirillov
bass guitar

Vladislav Korotkikh

Philip Semenov


Vladimir Semenov-Tyan-Shansky
acoustic and electric guitars


Yury Khomonenko: percussion
Leonid Perevalov: bass clarinet