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Viva La Taranta - La Musica Salentina

a Live release
Phil Manzanera

Release Year: 2016

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Released on 30 Sep 2016

Produced by and featuring Phil Manzanera, La Musica Salentina is comprises the Salentino music performed on the night of La Notte della Taranta on the 22 August 2015, in front of an audience of 200,000.

The songs are a re-imagining by Manzanera of the traditional music of the Salento region played by the Orchestra Popolare of La Notte della Taranta.

Mastered by award-winning Pink Floyd engineer Andy Jackson.

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  1. Pizzica Di Martano
  2. Aria Caddhipulina
  3. Mama La Rondinella Klama
  4. La Cecillia
  5. Pizzica Di Torcharolo
  6. Tre Sorelle
  7. Aradeo B Arema
  8. La Puttana, Pizzica Te Partire