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Dispatch Work

a Studio release

Release Year: 2016

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Distributed by Musea


Added To Proggnosis Database on: 7/12/2016 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 7/13/2016 2:26:00 AM by: Oleg
  1. Confiture (5'11)
  2. A Brand New Start (5'32)
  3. Comoé (6'38)
  4. Traffic Jam (6'52)
  5. Romane No Cry (4'30)
  6. Qué Calor ! (7'20)
  7. Walking Valse (5'23)
  8. Dodécaphunk (10'27)
  9. Black Hole (8'14)

Julien Fromont


David Depassiot


Antonin Néel


Emmanuel Pastor


Reviewed by Marc on 12 Jul 2016

Dispatch Work is my first contact with Q-Biq, an eclectic Jazz/Funk/Fusion band from France.

First track ''Confiture'' (meaning Jam in English) really lives up to its title, being a Funky piece showcasing a number of very nice solos (mostly on keys and guitar). Snarky Puppy comes to my mind even though Q-Biq do not simultaneously feature 4 keyboards, 3 guitars... Next is ''A Brand New Start'' that  gives us some Hip-Hop, pretty close to what Robert Glasper as been doing with his recent projects, but then ''Comoé'' brings us back to music that I feel would not be out of place on a Snarky Puppy album. The next three instrumental tracks have an eighties cool about them. I can't help myself from thinking of Steely Dan, Ed Motta and even Michael Franks, although Q-Biq are clearly more dynamic and always partly offers some improvisation. Next comes  ''Walking valse'', a very beautiful melodic piece. I would have taken at least one more in that style. The last two tracks bring us into the Jazz Fusion field and make me understand why the band members list Return To Forever as an influence. Much more intense and technical, they shed another light on what Q-Biq can offer musically.

As you can tell Dispatch Work by Q-Biq gives the listener a large pallette of musical styles and genres to enjoy. Up until ''Dodécaphunk'' and ''Black Hole'' the different pieces flowed well from one to the other and offered a very pleasant listening experience. The last two pieces are also very good but, for me at least, feel somewhat  out of place on this excellent album. Perhaps Q-Biq should consider, if they want to explore their heavier Fusion side, doing a whole album in that genre.

All in all for me Dispatch Work is a very enjoyable discovery. This foresome features a group of extremely talented musicians that offer creative, varied and very well composed music. They also have the  chops to perform it flawlessly. 

I certainly do not hesitate in recommending this album wholeheartedly.

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