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Alive Again

a Live release
Neal Morse (The Neal Morse Band)

Release Year: 2016

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2CD + 1DVD release on 6 Aug 2016. This set is also released on Blu-Ray

This release shows the band performing for a rousing audience in The Netherlands on March 6, 2015.

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CD 1

  1. Alive Again Intro
  2. The Call
  3. Leviathan
  4. The Grand Experiment
  5. Harm's Way
  6. Bill's Keyboard Solo
  7. The Creation
  8. There Is Nothing That God Can't Change

CD 2

  1. Waterfall
  2. Eric's Gtr Solo
  3. In The Fire
  4. Alive Again
  5. Rejoice
  6. Oh Lord, My God
  7. Reunion
  8. King Jesus

Neal Morse

Mike Portnoy

Randy George

Eric Gillette

Bill Hubauer

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