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a Studio release

Release Year: 2016

Date Label Catalog # Comments
27 May 2016 Progressive Promotion Records PPRCD042

Released on 27 May 2016 by Progressive Promotion Records

This album is thematically based on the story of the book ” the time machine” of H.G.Wells. 

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  1. Scarlet Walking - 7:58
  2. Paralyzed - 4:57
  3. Remember Me - 10:35
  4. Rainbow - 6:17
  5. Faded Snapshots - 8:34
  6. Peal Of Thunder - 3:24
  7. Secret Place Pt.1 - 18:36

Larry Brödel

Manuel Schmid

Marek Arnold
keys, sax, clarinet

Denis Strassburg
bass, programming

Clemens Litschko
drums, percussion

Ralf Dietsch
guitars, mandoline


Guy Manning: lyrics

Reviewed by Marc on 05 Jul 2016

Cyril is a project of Marek Arnold, also a member in the following bands (and many others): Toxic Smile, Seven Steps to the Green Door, and Flaming Row. His many projects being pretty different from each other, I would qualifiy Cyril as being in the melodic Neo-Prog genre. Their music should appeal to fans of bands like Mystery, Arena and Pendragon, although Cyril does not come close to sounding like any of them.

I was quite impressed by their new album Paralysed. Very well written and composed songs, two lead singers with excellent yet very different voices, that share de lead duties and complement each other perfectly. The inclusion of organic instruments like saxophone, clarinet and mandoline gives a very distinct sound to the band, even though the more traditional (for Rock music) electric guitars, bass and drums lends the music all the power needed when necessary.

Paralysed is an excellent Progressive Rock album that I would compare (quality wise) to Mystery's latest Delusion Rain. The last track on the CD is an 18+ minutes epic called ''Secret Place Pt. 1''. I sure hope there will be a Pt. 2 soon.  

Highly recommended indeed.