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Ambassadors of Good Health and Clean Living

a Studio release
French TV

Release Year: 2016

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Release on April 5, 2016

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  1. We're Putting On Our Bulldog Faces (and Hoping Something Good Happens) (9:29)
  2. Friendly Pursuit (5:46)
  3. Rocka-Saggy-Baby-Bubba-Shaggy-Baba-Boo (9:39)
  4. Gee, I Wish We Had One'a Them Doomsday Machines (7:43)
  5. Shemp Vs. Classical Economics (6:32)
  6. Metronome Crisis (10:46)
Mike Sary
bass, loops, samples

Katsumi Yoneda: guitars
Ryuji Yonikura: keyboards
Takao Kawasaki: keyboards
Mark L. Perry: drums, percussion