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a Studio release
Children in Paradise

Release Year: 2016

Date Label Catalog # Comments
22 Feb 2016 Digital
29 Feb 2016 CD Version

Inspired by ancient Irish legends (XIth century), including “ Táin Bó Cúailnge” Morrigan is an invitation to travel to the darkest path of Ireland, on the traces of Cu Chulainn hero and Goddess Morrigan, between Celtic legends, autobiographical stories and nightmares, with a special guest : John Kenny, British trombonist, and player the Carnyx (a very old Celtic instrument used by the Celts on the battlefield (between the VIII century BC. and I century BC) to scare ennemies.

This is a real chance for the band. For the first time in the history of rock, you can listen to electric guitars and Carnyx playing together. > listen to the song “ I’m Falling”.Dam Kat write words and music as a painter applies his colors on the canvas, driven by a thirst for truth, authenticity and beauty. The melodies, moods and planing atmospheres or terrifying constitute the basis of his music. His lyrics are often dialogues between mythical or real characters (historical persons) and evoke the human faced with himself and divine or supernatural forces which he chooses or not to obey. With this Celtic Trilogy Dam Kat also wished to honor our Celtic ancestors, all those men, women, children, warriors, druids and farmer who defended their land and culture, who fought for their survival. Morriganis second record, from this Trilogy. 

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  1. Alone (5:36)
  2. I Wait (4:10)
  3. I'm Falling (5:01)
  4. Intro I Will Follow You (5:09)
  5. Part I Morrigan (5:28)
  6. Part II Cu Chulainn Is Mine (4:44)
  7. Part III The Nightmare (4:12)
  8. Stay (5:00)
  9. In My Mind (5:48)
  10. He's Dying (4:20)

Avec Gwalchmei (Gwalc'hmei)

Dam Kat (Kathy Millot)
Vocals, Guitar, Rhodes

Frederic Moreau

Stéphane Rama

Loic Blejean
Uillean Pipes & Low Whistle


John Kenny : Carnyx