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Whose Dream Are You Living?

a Studio release
Tim Burness

Release Year: 2015

Date Label Catalog # Comments
26 Nov 2015 CD

Released on 26 Nov 2015

All tracks composed by Burness Produced by Tim Burness and Julan Tardo

Engineered by Julian Tardo at Church Road Studios, Hove

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Entry Last Updated on: 5/15/2017 11:56:00 AM by: DBSilver
  1. These Are The Days
  2. Grass Is Greener
  3. And Set Your Spirit Free
  4. Round And Round
  5. The Messenger
  6. Hold Me
  7. Unlike Any Other
  8. A Space For Our Love To Grow
  9. Dreaming Of A New World
  10. What's Going On In Your Head?
  11. Stop Them
  12. Cynical World

Tim Burness
Vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, e-bow, guitar synthesizer, keyboards, rhythm programming

Monty Oxymoron
Keyboards, percussion and backing vocals

Keith Hastings

Fudge Smith


Julian Tardo: Bass guitar, electric and acoustic guitars, programming

Gregg McKella: Synthisizers and effects

Andrew Bradstreet: Bodhran
Lee Abraham: Sub-bass guitar
Nick Cooper: Additional drums

Reviewed by Marc on 15 May 2017

To my great pleasure I have had the chance to review a number of albums by this talented British musician. This being said, it's been 10 years since I received one of his CDs  (Vision On, 2007). Tim has not been resting for the last decade, it took him many years to produce what I consider to be his best album ever: Whose Dream Are You Living?.

Ten years between albums his quite a while. We are pretty much in Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel territory here. After giving this new record a few spins and also listening to Vision On to compare it with, it is easy to notice that there has been an important evolution between them. We like to categorize music at ProGGnosis and we parked Tim Burness into the Pop (Prog related) genre, but I consider Whose Dream Are You Living? to be a Prog album, while still showing some Pop influences, something Steven Wilson has become a master at doing.

Even though this album offers us 12 independent tracks, I can't imagine myself not listening to them in order. This is easy to do since nothing comes close to being subpar and the songs are varied enough to keep me interested from beginning to end. There is clearly a concept acting as a thread between the songs. Tim Burness is obviously very concerned by the state of our world today and hopes that we will collectively begin to change our ways to preserve it for future generations. There is still some of the positivism found in earlier albums in his lyrics, but he does seem to be worried about our willingness to take concrete actions. It also can be heard in the mood of his music, that is clearly more somber than before. This has given Burness added edge, even though he still offers us a couple of Parson like melodic pieces.

Like I said, I enjoy all the songs on Tim's latest CD, but highlights for me are the trio of consecutive tracks ''And Set Your Spirit Free'' - ''Round and Round'' - ''The Messenger'' that hint at mid-seventies Genesis, and to me are more an epic lenght piece than independent songs. The jazzy ''Hold Me'' and the Crimsonesque instrumental ''Unlike Any Other'' also really hit the spot. Burness is supported by a group of highly talented musicians and the care he put in producing this album clearly can be heard.

Whose Dream Are You Living? is certainly a strong candidate to crack my ''Best Albums of 2017'' list. Fans of the better CDs by Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Steve Hackett and others should really check this album out. You can use our link to Tim's Bandcamp page to take a listen. Highly recommended indeed.