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SMPTe Limited Edition

a Studio release

Release Year: 2000

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Inside Out/Radiant Records Released as a single disk and a double CD - Limited edition
In 2010 re-released in a limited edition of 1000 copies as 3 vinyl box.
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Entry Last Updated on: 6/21/2010 4:05:00 AM by: Rob
  1. All of the above (30:59)
    • I) full moon rising
    • II) october winds
    • III) camouflaged in blue
    • IV) half alive
    • V) undying love
    • VI) full moon rising (reprise)
  2. We all need some light (5:44)
  3. Mystery train (6:51)
  4. My new world (16:15)
  5. In held ('twas) in I (17:21)
  1. My New World (Neal on lead vocals, different lyrics, alternative mix)
  2. We All Need Some Light (Roine on lead vocals, alternative mix)
  3. Honky Tonk Woman (Studio Jam)
  4. Oh Darling (Studio Jam)
  5. My Cruel World (Original demo) "Interactive section"
Mike Portnoy
Neal Morse
Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar
Pete Trewavas
Bass, Vocals
Roine Stolt
Guitars, Vocals

Reviewed by MJBrady on 25 Aug 2001

Transatlantic, the much talked about band (at least in the internet prog circles), is one of seemingly many spin -off side projects as of late(Platypus, Planet X, LTE being some others), this time putting; Marillions'bassist -Pete Trewavas, FlowerKings guitarist/singer/songwriter - RoineStolt,Spock'sBeard, keyboardist/singer/songwriter - Neil Morse, and DreamTheaters' drummer/writer - Mike Portnoy. These being of course some of progressive musics more well - known bands as of late, and each represent certain sub - genres of prog - Neo, progmetal, progrock, and syphonic prog. So that being the chemical make-up of the band, what is the end result? Well, to these ears, it's very much in the Spock's Beard realm, and some FlowerKings vibes peek through at times also, with Morse doing the bulk of the singing, that may be the reason. Yet given the fact that these guys are indeed "transatlantic" contributors to this project, it is a very good cd, Stolt and Morse really blend well together both instrumentally and vocally, and the bass of Trewavas is always tastefully keeping the songs flowing through the many breaks, bridges and chorus'. One surprise to me here is the drummng of Portnoy, after hearing all of his work with DT, and LTE, He seems to be able to adjust to this style of music with ease, no signs of his power/finesse metal skills here, just straight away progrock drumming, not unlike what you would hear with Spock's or the FKs, I guess you could say he is subdued somewhat, but in a way that agrees with this music. I am not sure how long the guys spent writing or rehearsing this cd, but the end results are very good, hopefully we will hear more from this "session" band, one can only wonder what they could do with a lot of time.