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RPWL Plays Pink FLoyd

a Live release

Release Year: 2015

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PWL playing the older Pink Floyd Songs, recorded live during concerts from 2010 to 2015. On this exclusive and limited Album you find songs like Pink Floyd's first hit-single “Arnold Layne”, written by original frontman “Syd Barrett”, or the unreleased Song “The Embryo”. Listen to “Atom Heart Mother” (in a version when it still was called “the psychedelic pudding”) or the forgotten live version of Dave Gilmours “Fat Old Sun”, all part of their life performances from 1969 up to 1972. Also worth mentioning are the Songs “Green Is The Colour”, “Behold The Temple Of Light” and “The Narrow Way”, Songs from their !969 Show “The Man And The Journey”. Including Bonus Song “Let there be more Light”, previously released on the sold-out RPWL Album “9”.
All in all over 70 minutes of RPWL performing Pink Floyd Classics!

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  1. Arnold Layne 5:14
  2. The Embryo 17:18
  3. Green Is the Colour 3:24
  4. Atom Heart Mother 11:33
  5. Fat Old Sun 19:26
  6. The Narrow Way 8:40 (incl. Behold The Temple Of Light”)
  7. Let There Be More Light 6:29 (Bonus Track, taken from the album “9”)

Karlheinz Wallner


Jurgen Lung (aka Yogi)
Keybaords, vocals

Phil Paul Risettion

Chris Postl
Bass, Taurus Pedels

Andreas Wernthaler

Stephan Ebner

Manfred Müller

Markus Jehle

Werner Taus

Marc Turiaux