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No Earthly Connection

a Studio release
Rick Wakeman

Release Year: 1976

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1976 LP
Prior releases Journey to the Center of the Earth and Myths and Legends of King Arthur were huge production projects and with this release the record company ordered Wakeman to reduce the scale and cost. No Earthly Connection features Wakeman with a supporting ensemble he called the English Rock Ensemble.
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  1. Music Reincarnate: (20:13)
    1. The warning (8:19)
    2. The maker (3:34)
    3. The spaceman (4:03)
    4. The realisation (4:17)
    5. The reaper (7:55)
  2. The prisoner (7:01)
  3. The lost cycle (7:02)
Rick Wakeman
Reg Brooks
Horn, Vocals
John Dunsterville
Guitar, Vocals
Tony Fernandez
Ashley Holt
Roger Newell
Marty Shield
Horn, Vocals

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