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The Man, The Music

a Video release
Steve Hackett

Release Year: 2015

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Release on 7 Sep 2015 by Wienerworld (WNRD2592).

Produced by Jelena Janic and Matt Groom

Filmed, directed and edited by Matt Groom

Running Time: 143 minutes

DVD documentary about the life and career of Steve Hacket. In it, Steve talks to the camera about his life from his days with Genesis, GTR and his highly successful solo career.  This documentary is Interspersed with music and masterclass demonstrations, this DVD also features interviews with his family, bandmates and such luminaries as Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), Chris Squire (YES) and long-time producer and musical director Roger King. Finally, this dvd includes a bonus extended interview with Chris Squire – one of Chris's final interviews before his recent sad passing.

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  • Documentary

Steve Hackett

Interviews with:

Steven Wilson

Chris Squire

Roger King

John Hackett

Nick Beggs

(and family members)

Reviewed by Marc on 14 Dec 2015

For those who were disappointed with the little exposure Steve Hackett got on the recent Genesis  BBC documentary, The Man, The Music gives you about two and a half hours with the man himself.

The first part of the video focuses on Hackett's youth. Interviews with Hackett, his brother, his wife and his mother are interesting enough, but don't expect anything close to being crunchy. We then spend some time on the Genesis years, but not much new comes out of it and no other band member is involved. It's still interesting to get Hackett's point of view on that period of his musical life and some comments on the other band members (nothing close to being negative though). As for his solo career, this was the most interesting part to me but surprisingly, almost all the 80's (except for GTR) and 90's were passed buy, hence the most details were given on the first two albums and on the last ten years of his career.

On the high points are the interviews with Steven Wilson, Roger King, Nick Beggs (crazy guy) and Chris Squire (with a 10 minute bonus added to the main film), the live material (not much though) and the master classes (even for the non musician it's interesting to find out how Hackett does some of his trademark playing). On the downside, Hackett is not a very dynamic interviewee, there is no bonus material (except for the extra 10 minutes with Squire) and the editing could have been tighter.

All in all an interesting viewing for me, even though I prefered splitting my experience into 30 to 45 minutes segments. 

Even with it's weeknesses, I'm convinced that Steve Hackett fans will get their money's worth if they decide to purchase this DVD.

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