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a Studio release
Arc Angel Cannata

Release Year: 2002

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ArcAngel Cannata is actually the name of two earlier projects. ArcAngel , Signed to CBS / Portrait in the mid-eighties and Cannata......Watching The World and Images Of Forever, with CBS/ Carrere (Paris) two solo records.OXFORD CIRCUS / OXF-002

Available through Atenzia Records.
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  1. Tamorok
  2. Prisoner in the Holy Land
  3. Big Life
  4. When It's Love
  5. Watching The World
  6. Let It Be
  7. Stars
  8. Calling To You
  9. Fortune Teller
  10. Hand In Hand
  11. Sailing Ships
  12. Dangerous Game
  13. Stay
  14. Kings of Nations
Jeff Cannata
lead vocals, drums, guitars, synthesizers
Jeff Batter
piano, keyboards
Robert Gianotti
woodwinds, guitar solo
Jay Rowe
piano solo
Brian Wise
Jay Johnson
lead and rhythm guitars
Mark Proto
guitar solo
Jimi Bell
guitar solo
David Coe
acoustic guitar
Barry Marshall
saxophone solo
Michael Soldan
backing vocals, keyboards
Kevin Nugent
lead guitar
Scott Spray
Peter Hodson
additional guitars
J. Christian
backing vocals
Roland Pepin