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Stupid Things That Mean The World

a Studio release
Tim Bowness

Release Year: 2015

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Release on 17 July 2015

Available as a special double CD Mediabook edition featuring a companion disc of alternate mixes and demos (including an unreleased No-Man demo from 1994), a very limited - hand-numbered - transparent vinyl version (with CD), and a black vinyl LP with CD (both LPs in gatefold cover).

Produced by Tim Bowness
Mixed by The Pineapple Thief's Bruce Soord.

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CD 1:  Stupid Things That Mean The World

  1. The Great Electric Teenage Dream - 3.58
  2. Sing To Me - 5.46
  3. Where You've Always Been - 4.07
  4. Stupid Things That Mean The World - 3.05
  5. Know That You Were Loved - 6.44
  6. Press Reset - 3.54
  7. All These Escapes - 3.06
  8. Everything You're Not - 3.40
  9. Everything But You - 1.12
  10. Soft William - 1.40
  11. At The End Of The Holiday - 4.58

CD 2:  Stupid Things That Meant The World (Metabook Edition Only)

  1. Stupid Things That Mean The World (alternate) (Nick Magnus mix) - 3.09
  2. Best Boy Electric (Sing To Me) (1994 No-Man demo) (Steven Wilson mix) - 1.58
  3. Know That You Were Loved (alternate, David Rhodes 'electric version') (Stephen Bennett mix) - 6.29
  4. I Still Miss You (Stupid Things That Mean The World, UXB 'Ambient' Mix) - 6.13

Tim Bowness

Stephen Bennett

Michael Bearpark

Andrew Booker

Colin Edwin


Peter Hammill

Phil Manzanera

Pat Mastelotto

Anna Phoebe

David Rhodes

Rhys Marsh

Andrew Keeling: string arrangements

Bruce Soord: guitar

Reviewed by Marc on 29 Jul 2015

I am a fan of Tim Bowness, even though I rarely consider what he does as being Prog music. Like the previous album: Abandoned Dancehall Dreams (2014), Stupid Things That Mean The World features a large palette of very well respected Prog musicians (Peter Hammill, David Rhodes, Bruce Soord...). For most of them, their contribution to the total sound is hard to detect.

The music on Stupid Things That Mean The World is mostly typical relaxed Tim Bowness (except for a few intense moments), fronted by his trademark breezy vocals. The songs are all very good, and varied enough to keep the listener interested to the 40+ minutes of the record.

Stupid Things That Mean The World is very much the successor to Abandoned Dancehall Dreams, perhaps even a bit mellower. For me this is an excellent complement to his musical output, and I will keep on coming back to it with great pleasure,

I did not purchase de 2CD version of this album, so I do not know if the bonus material is worth de $ asked for it.

In conclusion, for Tim Bowness fans, his latest CD comes highly recommended, but don't expect something very different from what he is usually known for.