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Starless Starlight

a Studio release
David Cross and Robert Fripp

Release Year: 2015

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Release on 4 May 2015

This release is an exploration of a melody - composed by David Cross and Robert Fripp - that emerged as one of the key themes on the King Crimson masterpiece, Starless.

The melody resurfaced in two improvisations performed and recorded by Fripp in 2006 and these recordings plus the Starless theme itself were subsequently transformed and augmented by David Cross (and co-producer Tony Lowe). 

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  1. Starless Starlight Loops
  2. In The Shadow
  3. Shine And Fall
  4. Starless Theme
  5. One By One, The Stars Were Going Out
  6. Fear Of Starlight
  7. Starlight Trio
  8. Sure Of The Dark

David Cross

Robert Fripp

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