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Mobtown Moon

a Studio release
Tributes: Pink Floyd

Release Year: 2013

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More than forty musicians, all from Baltimore. Classic Pink Floyd, thoroughly reimagined on a CD released just in time for the 40th anniversary of the original. This is not your typical “cover” project. Instead, it features fresh new arrangements: surprising grooves, eclectic instruments, gorgeous vocals. Glimmers of rock, jazz, classical, hip-hop, gospel, even opera. A TRUE PROG-ROCK AMALGAMATION! “Breathe,” “Money,” “Us and Them”….these immortal rock-and-roll hits, heard anew.

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  1. The City Speaks (:58)
  2. Breathe (chant version) (1:11)  
  3. Breathe (4:34) 
  4. On the Run (3:42)
  5. Time (5:11)  
  6. The Great Gig in the Sky (5:55) 
  7. Money (4:23)  
  8. Dream-Counterfeit  (2:35) 
  9. Us and Them  (7:39)  
  10. Any Colour You Like  (5:13)  
  11. Brain Damage (4:56)  
  12. Eclipse (2:51) 

Tim Anderson


Sandy Asirvatham

voice, piano (featured on Breathe, The Great Gig In The Sky)

Warren Boes

guitar (featured on Time, The Great Gig In The Sky)

ellen cherry

voice, keyboard, guitar (featured on Breathe, Us & Them)

Dave DeMarco


Femi the DriFish

spoken word (featured on Dream/Counterfeit (coda to Money))

Jonathan Gilmore

voice (featured on Brain Damage)

Andrew Grimm

banjo, guitar, voice (featured on On The Run, Money)

Ben Frock

trumpet (featured on Us & Them, Any Colour You Like)

Dave Hadley

pedal steel (featured on On The Run)

Tom Hall,

voice, choir director (featured on Breathe)

Jeni Hererra-Mullar


Patrick Klink

voice (featured on Brain Damage, Eclipse)

Jake Leckie

acoustic bass

Todd Marcus

bass clarinet (featured on Any Colour You Like)

Derrick Michaels

tenor saxophone (featured on Any Colour You Like)

David Ross

spoken word (featured on Dream/Counterfeit (coda to Money))

Brian Simms,

voice, B3, accordion (featured on Time, Eclipse)

Jen Smith

guitar, voice (featured on Brain Damage, Eclipse)

Scott Smith

guitar, keyboards (featured on Breathe)

Mark St. Pierre


Alice Tung


Bryan Young

bassoon (featured on Us & Them)