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The Sound of Blue

a Studio release
Phil Manzanera

Release Year: 2015

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Release on 23 Mar 2015 by Expression Records (Licensed to Universal Music Catalogue).

This release is an "instrumental memoir", 10 tracks are a musical memoir of this singular musician’s life. Each track is illustrated by a short film created by Phil Manzanera using personal iphone and super 8 footage. The album is produced by Manzanera and mastered by Pink Floyd soundman, Andy Jackson.

Phil Manzanera said:

"When I write instrumental music I think about a possible narrative for each track. During the writing of The Sound of Blue it started evoking memories and emotions that I hadn’t revisited in years: my 60’s childhood in Latin America, Magdalena, my Colombian mother, the heady days in the 70’s of early Roxy Music, music adventures in Spain and Sweden, days spent exploring Cornwall…..and the unlikely musical coming together with two global rap stars. The Sound of Blue and its short films is in effect a sort of musical memoir."

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  1. Magdalena
  2. 1960 Caracas
  3. The Sound of Blue
  4. Rosemullion Head
  5. Halmstad
  6. Tramuntana
  7. High Atlas
  8. Mi Casa
  9. In Conversation
  10. No Church in the Wild

Phil Manzanera


Sonia Bernardo: (2, 10)

Andy MacKay: (9)