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Live at Last

a Live release
Egdon Heath

Release Year: 2000

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A 2 cd live recording from Bombast records
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 6/12/2002 12:00:00 AM
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  1. Peace Of The Brave (9.03)
  2. Gringo (6.09)
  3. No Second Faust (7.41)
  4. Secret Fence (4.57)
  5. Slightly In Despair (7.30)
  6. 1000 Stories (8.33)


  1. Head In The Sand (7.22)
  2. Hail To Your Heart (8.24)
  3. On A Bench (7.52)
  4. Run For Life (7.25)
  5. The Killing Silence (18.14)

Maurits Kalsbeek
vocals, additional guitar

Jaap Mulder
piano, keyboards, backing vocals

Wolf Rappard

Aldo Adema

Marcel Copini
bass, acoustic guitars

Valère Wittevrongel


Syb van der Ploeg: vocals on hail to your heart

Johan Kooitje: trumpet

Renee Fennema: trumpet

Karel Veeneman: tenor sax

Douwe-Jan Pol: baritone sax