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Hero & Heroine

a Studio release
The Strawbs

Release Year: 1974

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1974 LP
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  1. Autumn:
    • Heroine's Theme;
    • Deep Summer's Sleep
    • (Hold On To Me) The Winter Long
  2. Sad Young Man
  3. Just Love
  4. Shine On Silver Sun
  5. Hero And Heroine
  6. Midnight Sun
  7. Out In The Cold
  8. Round And Round
  9. A Little Light On Me
  10. Hero's Theme

    bonus tracks (A&M re-issue only)

  11. Still Small Voice
  12. Lay A Little Light On Me
Dave Cousins
Vocals, Guitars
Dave Lambert
Vocals, Guitars
John Hawken
Chas Cronk
Bass, Synths Vocals
Rod Coombes
Drums, Percusion, Vocals

Reviewed by Eric on 14 Sep 2002

As I write this review a Strawbs / Gentle Giant concert poster from 1975 with a Strawberry covered in whipped cream hangs on the wall in front of me. This is one of my most treasured Prog collectibles as the Strawbs have always been in my opinion one of the better examples of English progressive rock. While Gentle Giant were equally excellent, this is a Strawbs poster with Gentle Giant playing as support from the days when Prog bands like this toured the US on a regular basis. A dream concert and wish I could have been there.

Hero and Heroine is a gem from start to finish. While not quite as consistent as Grave New World, the record contains some of the Strawbs best work as on the opening track 'Autumn'. The most progressive work here with Dave Cousins warm and distinctive vocals, the song is as moody as the season the song was written for. If I had to come up with a Top 10 list of my favorite Progressive songs 'Autumn' would certainly be included. 'Shine on Silver Sun' almost comes across as a Cat Stevens song which works nicely, and 'Midnight Sun' brings us back to the feel of 'Autumn' with some cool Mellotron added to the Folk rock mix. Really every track here is superb, well written and played. The combination of Folk and Progressive Rock was the Strawbs specialty and very few bands did it as well, or were as successful.

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