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From Scratch

a Studio release
Taylor's Universe

Release Year: 2015

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Released on 1 mar 2015 by Marvel of Beauty Records

Added To Proggnosis Database on: 2/23/2015 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 2/28/2015 11:14:00 PM by: DBSilver
  1. Other Meetings - 5:17
  2. Beta X - 7:32
  3. Balcony People - 7:25
  4. Interrail - 9:17
  5. Laura's Lullaby - 2:56
  6. Für Louise - 5:09
  7. Autumn River - 6:57

Robin Taylor
vintage keyboards, guitar, bass, percussion

Karsten Vogel
soprano sax (1,2,5) bass clarinet (3,6), alto sax (4)

Thomas Ulstrup
Minimoog (1-4)

Klaus Thrane
drums (1-4,6)


Claus Bøhling: guitar(1,3,7)

Jytte Lindberg: voice (4,5)

Jan Fisher: voice (4)

Louise NIpper: voice (2,5)

Finn Olafsson: electric guitar (6)

Jakob Mygind: soprano sax (6)

Carsten Sndvald: baritone sax

Reviewed by Marc on 03 Aug 2015

Robin Taylor has been putting out a lot of music in recent years, but alike artists such as Steven Wilson, Steve Hackett and a few others, quantity by no means reduces quality.

I have reviewed the last two Taylor's Universe albums and found them both excellent. The band's latest: From Scratch is at least as good as the two previous CDs. Yet again, the music has evolved from their other albums, but there remains a common link that makes this 2015  new offering an obvious Taylor's Universe record.

I consider From Scratch more psychedelic and experimental while remaining very much melodic. This is quite a feat. As usual, Robin Taylor's influences come from many fields (Rock, Prog, Jazz...) but this time there is more, IMHO, of a King Crimson feel to this album than the previous. Yet again, musichianship, recording and production are of Top Level and sound wise, this CD compares to best.

From Scratch will certainly crack my Top Ten list of 2015. This CD is a must have for any Prog/Psych music  fan out there.

My HIGHEST recommendation indeed.