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Switzerland 1974

a Live release
Soft Machine

Release Year: 2015

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This is a CD+DVD set released by Cueiform Records (Rune 395/396) on 3 Feb 2015.

This release features the band's Montreux performance, captured just a couple of weeks before Soft Machine’s studio sessions in London for Bundles. The hour-long set, licensed by Cuneiform from Eagle Rock Entertainment and the Fondation du Festival de Jazz de Montreux, is the only available visual document of Soft Machine’s Ratledge-Marshall-Jenkins-Babbington-Holdsworth line-up. Soft Machine perform the entire Bundles album live, most notably the classic “Hazard Profile” suite, augmented with individual showcases for each member as well as a collective improvisation and brief snippets from Six and Seven. As well as retracing Soft Machine’s transformation into one of the leading exponents of jazz-fusion, Switzerland 1974 provides a rare chance to witness the genesis of Allan Holdsworth’s unique, innovative and unbelievably fluid and dexterous playing, before he went on to universal acclaim with Tony Williams’ New Lifetime, the prog-rock ‘supergroup’ U.K., Gong, Jean-Luc Ponty, Bill Bruford and ultimately his own electric fusion groups.

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  1. Hazard Profile - 16:46
  2. The Floating World - 5:16
  3. Ealing Comedy - 4:14
  4. Bundles - 3:10
  5. Land Of the Bag Snake - 4:28
  6. Joint  - 2:21
  7. The Man Who Waved At Trains - 3:02
  8. Peff - 4:28
  9. The Man Who Waved At Trains (reprise) - 0:22
  10. LBO - 4:46
  11. Riff II - 3:09
  12. Lefty - 2:08
  13. Penny Hitch (coda) - 5:47

Allan Holdsworth
guitar, voice

Karl Jenkins
Fender Rhodes piano, piano, Hohner Pianet, soprano sax, oboe

Mike Ratledge
Fender Rhodes piano, Lowrey organ, AKS synthesizer

Roy Babbington
electric 6-string bass

John Marshall
drums and percussion