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Steve Hackett

Release Year: 2015

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Release on 30 Mar 2015 in Europe and 7 Apr 2015 in the US by InsideOut as a CD, a special CD+Blu-ray edtion, or double vinyl plus CD release.

The ten tracks take the listener through a journey in space and time looking at the different faces of the endless fight for freedom. Wandering between parallel universes, Hackett explores contemporary and ancient cultures, from Greece (Corycian Fire) to the Far East (Wolflight), the USA and Martin Luther King (Black Thunder), but also his very own childhood memories (The Wheel's Turning) and the unresolved drama of domestic violence (Love Song to a Vampire).

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  1. CD
  2. Out Of The Body - 2:29
  3. Wolflight - 8:00
  4. Love Song To A Vampire - 9:18
  5. The Wheel's Turning - 7:24
  6. Corycian Fire - 5:47
  7. Earthshine - 3:20
  8. Loving Sea - 3:22
  9. Black Thunder - 7:32
  10. Dust And Dreams - 5:33
  11. Heart Song - 2:51
  12. Pneuma - 2:53
  13. Midnight Sun - 4:36

Blu-Ray (24/48 STEREO LPCM; DTS MASTER AUDIO 5.1; 24/48 5.1 LPCM):

  1. Out Of The Body - 2:29
  2. Wolflight - 8:00
  3. Love Song To A Vampire - 9:18
  4. The Wheel's Turning - 7:24
  5. Corycian Fire - 5:47
  6. Earthshine - 3:20
  7. Loving Sea - 3:22
  8. Black Thunder - 7:32
  9. Dust And Dreams - 5:33
  10. Heart Song - 2:51
  11. Pneuma - 2:53
  12. Midnight Sun - 4:36
  13. Interviews:
  14. Steve Hackett discusses recording Wolflight - 6:59
  15. Steve Hackett discusses the Wolflight artwork - 7:17
  16. Wolflight track by track - 31:21

Steve Hackett

electric guitar, acoustic guitar, Arabian lute and twelve string, lead vocals


Roger King: Keyboards & programming
Gary O'Toole: drums
Rob Townsend: sax, duduk
Nick Beggs: bass & stick
Amanda Lehmann: harmony vocals
Malik Mansurov: tar
Sara Kovaks: didgeridoo
Chris Squire: bass (3)
Hugo Dagenhardt: drums (9)

Reviewed by Marc on 14 Apr 2015

Well, after just about four years of revisiting Genesis (studio album, live albums, DVD, touring...), and adding to that an incredible number of guest appearances (Steve Rothery, Steven Wilson...) Mr. Hackett probably remembered he had a solo career and decided to put out a new studio album of original compositions.

In my mind Wolflight  is the third leg of his latest series of albums (after Out Of The Tunnels Mouth and Beyond The Shrouded Horizon) featuring Oriental and East European inspired Progressive Rock. BTSH was an album I really enjoyed and felt was Steve Hackett's best since the seventies. Compared to it, Wolflight is slightly heavier and more varied in style, at times coming closer to albums like Spectral Mornings and Defector. Every Steve Hackett trademarks are featured on it : speedy classical guitar intros, nightmarish keyboards or circus music, Firth of Fifthish guitar solos, bluesy harmonica, heavy metric drumming... and his electronically transformed lead vocals backed by waves of very nice voices. This can be for better or worse, but most often it's for better. Many of the compositions, or at least part of them, remind the listener of past songs, quite a few from the previous album. Hackett has been hit in the past  by the wall of a lack of inspiration; the 80's being the most obvious example IMHO. This being said, he has always been able to redefine himself and bounce back (e.g. Bay of Kings... Darktown... Out Of The Tunnels Mouth... Squackett). He should be admired for being the last of the great 70's Prog musicians still producing creative and interesting original music (just think of recent efforts by Yes, Ian Anderson, Rick Wakeman...).

In conclusion, Wolflight is a fine album and a nice complement for the previous two. I'm convinced it will grow on me with time. Personnally I hope Hackett will now try to change his current musical universe (at least partly) for his next project. Now in his mid-sixties and with a workload a musician half his age would find very heavy, will he be able to do it? or want to? For now, Wolflight is certainly a inescapable addition to the collection of any Steve Hackett fan.

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