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a Studio release
Billy Cobham

Release Year: 2010

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Release by Varese Fontana on 29 Jun 2010,

Palindrome is the second installment in Billy Cobham's Fruit From The Loom series

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  1. Moon Germs
  2. Two For Juan
  3. Obliquely Speaking
  4. Isle Of Skye
  5. A Days Grace
  6. Mirage
  7. Cancun Market
  8. Torpedo Flo
  9. Alfa Waves
  10. Saippuakivikauppias

Billy Cobham
drums, percussion


Ernie Watts: Woodwinds

Michael Rodriguez: Trumpet

Marshall Gilkes: Trombone

Jean-Marie Ecay: Guitar

Dean Brown: Guitar

Philippe Chayeb: Bass

Wilbert Junior Gill: Steel Pan and PanKat

Christophe Cravero: Keyboards, Violin

Marco Lobo: Percussion

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