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Front Row Club Issue 43 (The Academy, manchester, England, 30 November 2007)

an Official Booleg release

Release Year: 2008

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Early on the Snow-where Else Christmas tour, the band played a new track 'Circular Ride' along with another new outing of 'Real Tears for Sale' - the former being dropped after only a few shows, making this a rare record of a live performance!

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  1. Bridge
  2. Living with the Big Lie
  3. Runaway
  4. Mad
  5. Fruit of the Wild Rose
  6. Out of This World
  7. Real Tears for Sale
  8. Somewhere Else
  9. Seasons End
  10. Hooks In You
  11. Genie
  12. Circular Ride
  13. The Other Half
  14. Most Toys
  15. Cannibal Surf Babe
  16. This Strange Engine
  17. Quartz
  18. Neverland
  19. Let It Snow

Steve Hogarth

Steven Rothery

Pete Trewavas

Mark Kelly

Ian Mosley

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