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Front Row Club Issue 38 (Klub Stodola, Warsaw, Poland, 22 May 2007)

an Official Booleg release

Release Year: 2007

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The band's first visit to Warsaw in over a decade was truly a special event, and the customary long and constatly changing Somewhere Else tour set was extended even further due to the feedback from the audience - including rare performances of the epic Ocean Cloud, and anthemic Three Minute Boy

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  1. Splintering Heart
  2. See It Like A Baby
  3. You're Gone
  4. The Last Century For Man
  5. The Wound
  6. Waiting to Happen
  7. Afraid of Sunlight
  8. The Release
  9. Cover My Eyes (Pain and Heaven)
  10. A Voice From The Past
  11. Fantastic Place
  12. Somewhere Else
  13. Marbles III
  14. Ocean Cloud
  15. Man of a Thousand Faces
  16. Three Minute Boy
  17. Between You and Me
  18. Neverland
  19. Easter

Steve Hogarth

Steven Rothery

Pete Trewavas

Mark Kelly

Ian Mosley

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