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David Rhodes Band

a Studio release
David Rhodes (The David Rhodes Band)

Release Year: 2014

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Label: Glassville Records
Release dates: October 3, 2014 (Germany), November 3, 2014 (UK, USA)
Originally released on June 30, 2013 for Pledgers only
Produced by Chris Hughes

Recording: Mark Frith at Ashley Manor, Wiltshire

Mixing: Tchad Blake at Mongrel

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  1. If I Could Empty My Head
  2. Grinding Wheel
  3. Ship Of Fools
  4. You Are The North Wind
  5. Monkey On My Back
  6. Waggle Dance
  7. Time
  8. Three Is Everything
  9. My Blue Balloon
  10. Be Mine

David Rhodes
guitar, vocals

Charlie Jones

Ged Lynch
drums, percussion