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Canvas of Silence EP

a Single or EP release

Release Year: 2014

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Recorded and mixed at Floor One Studio and Prabhat Sound Studios, Bangalore
Mixed by Vats Iyengar, Chetan Rao and Praveen Kumar
Mastered by Chris Graham, Chris Graham Mastering, Columbus, Ohio
All songs written by Vats Iyengar

Added To Proggnosis Database on: 10/4/2014 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 10/5/2014 6:55:00 AM by: DBSilver
  1. Refuge - 5:23
  2. Canvas of Silence - 5:38
  3. Veil - 6:11
  4. Time Turns Around - 2:59
  5. Fragments - 7:44

Vats Iyengar
vocals, guitar

Toshimoa Jamir

Shishir Gupta

Praveen Kumar


Abhishek Prakash: additional guitars (1,4)

Reviewed by Marc on 10 Oct 2014

Introducing Indian traditional music in Rock is a trend that started in the sixties; The Beatles being the most obvious example. Recently, Canada's Harry Manx (who lived for many years in India) gracefully blends in Indian instruments in his Blues/Psychedelic songs. In the Prog field, a band like RPWL likes to add these kinds of oriental spices to their music. These are only a few of many examples I could give.
I can guess that for a band like Rainburn, doing this is only natural, since it's members are all from India.The songs they play certainly qualifies as Prog/Metal, even though the many melodic elements found in the music makes it clear to me that Canvas of Silence is an album that should surely be to the liking of all Progressive Rock lovers, not just Metal fans. Canvas of Silence, a five track EP clocking at about 30 minutes, is an excellent introduction to a band  that produces very classy "guitar based" creative songs. The musicianship is excellent, the compositions are all very good and the album has an enjoyable "live" feel to it. One of Rainburn's main strenght is the excellent lead singing (and great harmonies). Vats Iyengar (vocalist, composer and guitar player), when he sings softly, reminds me of Tears For Fears' Kurt Smith. When Iyengar cranks up the intensity, perhaps a mixture of Billy Idol, Peter Hammill and an occasional hint of James Labrie can come to mind. Personnally I like his softer side best, but that's me...
Basing my assertion on what I hear on Canvas of Silence, I consider that Rainburn is a band that will take it's well deserved place in the Prog Metal and Progressive Rocks arenas in coming years. They certainly have as much potential as many bands that have recently made it (Amplifier comes to my mind). One thing is for sure, I will keep an attentive eye on this very promissing band.
Highly recommended indeed!!