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The Knightmoves - An Album That Never Was

a Compilation/Boxed-Set release

Release Year: 2013

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In between The Sentinel and The Wedge was a turbulent time for Pallas, whilst parting company with Euan and then with Alan joining a series of tracks were written which would have bridged the gap between The Sentinel and The Wedge.

Some later made it onto a give-away disc with the KnightMoves EP and some were played live but never recorded.

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  1. Lighthouse (9:13)  
  2. Logo (6:58)  
  3. 12 String (5:30)  
  4. Bring Down The Wall (3:42)  
  5. Piper Play Your Tune (5:04)  
  6. Celtic Tinge (2:26)  
  7. The Knight Moves On (4:01)  
  8. Birth Of Win Or Lose (3:02) 
  9. Nightmare (5:48) 
  10. Stranger In a Strange Land (3:32)  
  11. Timewheel (4:12)  
  12. Mad Machine (4:02) 

Ronnie Brown

Derek Forman
drums, percussion

Euan Lowson

Niall Mathewson

Graeme Murray
bass, vocals