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GTA5: The Cinematographic Score

a Studio release
Tangerine Dream

Release Year: 2014

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Released by eastgate (066 CD)
This special edition is limited to 2000 copies

The score for the game GTA 5 was based on the merging of four different artist inputs, a procedure the music supervisor of the game had to follow. Finally it worked perfectly for the game. What has been left out, necessarily to give the game a needed sound dress in its abstract form, is the so-called cinematographic score. Here you will find the music without any other information from the game itself. It’s the pure musical environment composed and played solely by Tangerine Dream. Maybe you will recognize a tune or rhythm here and there, but everything is built in the dress of sequencer lines and melodies as it was composed in the first place.

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  1. Place Of Conclusions
  2. Streets Of Fortune
  3. Mission Possible
  4. Downtown Los Santos
  5. Blaine County Sunrise
  6. Burning The Bad Seal
  7. Beyond The Weakest Point
  8. Sadness, Grief and Hope
  9. Diary Of A Robbery
  10. Draw The Last Line Somewhere
  11. The Dangerous Mile
  12. Living On A Razor Edge

Edgar Froese
All Synthesizers & Electronics

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