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Brave Live 2013 [DVD]

a Live Video release

Release Year: 2013

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Released on Bluray and DVD in Oct 2013

Also released on CD and the CD content is also available as a 320kbs download from the marillion web site.

Recorded on the 9 March 2013 at the Marillion Weekend in Centre Parcs, The Netherlands.  This event was captured in high definition by 15 cameras in a purpose built arena, This video release features the whole of the Brave album performed in full plus all of the encores set and extra's which are not available on the CD release.  The DVD comes in a 2 disc set, the bluray is a single disc.

A CD is also available from audio taken from the Brave Live 2013 Bluray & DVD releases.

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DVD 1: Brave Concert

  1. Bridge
  2. Living with the Big Lie
  3. Runaway
  4. Goodbye to all That
  5. Wave
  6. Mad
  7. The Opium Den
  8. The Slide
  9. Standing In The Swing
  10. Hard As Love
  11. The Hollow Man
  12. Alone Again in the Lap of Luxury
  13. Now Wash Your Hands
  14. Paper Lies
  15. Brave
  16. The Great Escape
  17. Made Again
  18. Made Again

DVD 2: Encores

  1. Rich
  2. The Damage
  3. Trap the Spark
  4. Warm Wet Circles
  5. Drilling Holes
  6. Out of This World
  7. Seasons End
  8. The Space

  9. Hooks In You
  10. Cover My Eyes (Pain and Heaven)
  11. Slainte Mhath
  12. Out of this World Film

Steve Hogarth

Steven Rothery

Pete Trewavas

Mark Kelly

Ian Mosley

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