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Next Stop

a Studio release
The John Irvine Band

Release Year: 2013

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Released on 23 Sep 2013.

Produce by John Irvine and Alan Emslie

All Music composed and arranged by John Irvine

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  1. High Mountain - 1:52
  2. Next Stop - 7:47
  3. Pyramid Power - 6:03
  4. Your Skyline - 7:10
  5. A Straight Line - 5:24
  6. Home - 1:45
  7. Slipstream - 3:14
  8. Here Comes The Twister - 8:01
  9. A Means To An End - 11:03

John Irvine
Guitar, Keyboards

Alan Emslie
Drums, Percussion

Doug Kemp

Reviewed by Marc on 19 Nov 2013

Some very classy guitar driven jazz-rock fusion on Next Stop by The John Irvine Band

This is the band's second album and, reading MJBrady's review of theirf first, I understand that Next Stop is an album of evolution with continuity. Obvious references are the melodic sides of Allan Holdsworth and Pat Metheny.

The music featured on Next Stop is very creative, expertly performed and recorded.  Next Stop is an entertaining listening experience from begining to end. Fusion fans should certainly seek this album out, and keep an eye on The John Irvine Band's future projects.