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Genesis Revisited: Live At Hammersmith

a Live release
Steve Hackett

Release Year: 2013

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Released by InsideOut Music on 21 Oct 2013 as a 5 disc boxed set featuring 3 CDs and 2 DVDs

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  1. Watcher of the Skies
  2. The Chamber of 32 Doors
  3. Dancing with the Moonlit Knight
  4. Fly on a Windshield
  5. Broadway Melody of 1974
  6. The Lamia
  7. The Musical Box
  8. Shadow of the Hierophant
  9. Blood on the Rooftops


  1. Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers
  2. In That Quiet Earth
  3. Afterglow
  4. I Know What I Like
  5. Dance on a Volcano
  6. Entangled
  7. Eleventh Earl of Mar
  8. Supper's Ready


  1. 1. Firth of Fifth
  2. 2. Los Endos


  • Full live show


  • Behind the scenes featurette

Steve Hackett
guitar & vocals

Roger King

Gary O'Toole
drums, percussion & vocals

Rob Townsend
saxophone, woodwind, percussion, keyboard & vocals

Lee Pomeroy
bass, bass pedals, variax, 12-string & vocals

Nad Sylvan
vocals & tambourine


Nik Kershaw: vocals on The Lamia
John Wetton: vocals on Afterglow
Jakko Jakszyk: vocals on Entangled
Steve Rothery: guitar on The Lamia
Amanda Lehmann: guitar & vocals on Shadow of the Hierophant, vocals on Entangled

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