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A Feast of Consequences [CD-DVD]

a Studio release

Release Year: 2013

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Released in September 14, 2013

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  1. Perfume River (10:58) 
  2. All Loved Up (5:07) 
  3. Blind To The Beautiful (5:12) 
  4. A Feast Of Consequences (4:29) 
  5. High Wood (5:26) 
  6. Crucifix Corner (7:25) 
  7. The Gathering (4:30) 
  8. Thistle Alley (6:08 
  9. The Leaving (4:59) 
  10. The Other Side Of Me (6:09) 
  11. The Great Unravelling (6:32)  Preparing The Feast

Bonus DVD

  1. Intro
  2. After The 13th Star
  3. Perfume River
  4. All Loved Up
  5. Blind To The Beautiful
  6. Feast Of Consequences
  7. High Wood Suite
  8. Other Side Of Me
  9. The Great Unravelling
  10. Perfume River
  11. Feast Of Consequences
  12. Blind To The Beautiful
  13. All Loved Up
  14. Crucifix Corner
  15. The Gathering
  16. Thistle Alley

Robin Boult

Foss Paterson

Steve Vantsis

Gavin Griffiths

Liz Antwi: backing vocals
Aidan O'Rourke: violin (3, 10)
Gosia Loboda: first violin (5, 9, 11)
Alina-Lin Merx-Jong: second violin (5, 9, 11)
Linda Slakhorst-Custers: viola (5, 9, 11)
Tanja Derwahl: cello (5, 9, 11)
John Sampson: trumpet (7)
Finlay Hetherington: flugelhorn(7)
Fiona Lund: trombone (7)
Stuart Watson: tuba (7)

Reviewed by Marc on 09 Nov 2013

Fish pretty much had a roller coaster of a career. He hit the top in the eighties as the lead singer of Marillion. Having left the band he put out a strong first album Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors. After that he had a string of not so good albums and non essential live CDs. In the late nineties, in good part because of his work with Steven Wilson, he gave us two excellent albums and again went into a slump. 2007's 13th Star was a very good comeback, but it's been six years until A Feast of Consequences.

In that period Fish had voice, personnal and financial problems, but he certainly is resilient. Now for the music...

After listening a few times to Feast of Consequences I find myself enjoying it quite a lot (even though I did not expect much from it). It's mostly a mellow and melodic affair, but there are occasionnal intense musical parts (even bordering Metal once or twice). The first track is the proggiest, clocking at more than 10 minutes. After that we get a string of ballads and melodic pieces. The album's piece of resistance is a five parts suite inspired by Fish's Grand Father WW1 experience.

As a whole the album's sound and mood are pretty much homogeneous from beginning to end, which gives somewhat of a "concept album" feel to the CD. Fish's singing is mostly relaxed, sometimes more energetic and always intense. His performance is excellent. The songs are all very good (and a few excellent). Not a weak track to be found. I'm surprised to find myself liking the ballads the most. The musicianship and production are of a Top level, which makes for a rewarding listening experience.

I admire Fish, given his numerous setbacks, for giving us this excellent CD. As much as I know, it can only be purchased via his website (you can find the link to it here on ProGGnosis). Hopefully sufficient sales numbers will encourage him enough to continue giving us excellent music in a not too far future. Bravo! 

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