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Space Gypsy

a Studio release
Nik Turner

Release Year: 2013

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Released by Cleopatra Records on 24 Sep 2013 in three different formats:

  • A regular CD release packaged in an attractive digipak with original artwork;
  • a limited edition gatefold vinyl with bonus etched 7-inch single;
  • A special limited edition deluxe box version of 'Space Gypsy', which includes a bonus CD of rough mixes and instrumental versions that feature additional flute and saxophone improvisations from Nik not included on the album. Also included are 4 postcards, a gorgeous full color patch and collectible pin.

Produced by Jurgen Engler

Recorded at Atom H Studios, Austin Tx & Bedrock LA Stuidos

Engineered by Chris Lietz & Eric Rennaker

Mastered by Chris Lietz

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Entry Last Updated on: 8/26/2013 7:10:00 AM by: DBSilver
  1. Fallen Angel STS-51-L
  2. Joker s Song
  3. Time Crypt
  4. Galaxy Rise
  5. Coming Of The Maya
  6. We Ride The Timewinds
  7. Eternity
  8. Anti-Matter
  9. The Visitor
  10. Something s Not Right (Bonus Track)

Nik Turner
vocals, flute, saxophone

Jurgen Engler
guitar, moog synths, mellotron

Michy Garratt

Jason Willer

drums, percussion


Simon House: voilin on 3 & 8

Steve Hillage: guitar on 8

Chris Leitz: additional mellotron

Reviewed by Marc on 10 Oct 2013

Space Gypsy by Nik Turner is a mixed affair. The first three tracks offers very intense keyboard driven Psychedelic Space Rock, heavy on percussion, saxophone and featuring alien like vocals (think of Gary Newman), very much in the vein of what could be heard in the early seventies. I think that Hawkwind fans should really enjoy this.

After that the album slows down quite a bit, and we get some very nice Progressive Rock songs (still featuring spacey keyboards) that remind me of seventies Camel. Personnally these are my favorite tracks on the album. Also mixed in is an intense piece that is pretty close to early seventies Van Der Graaf Generator and the album ends with "Something s Not Right" (Bonus Track) that is a return to the energetic style of the first three tracks.

All in all Space Gypsy is a very good album by Nik Turner, but to really enjoy it, you need to be a fan of the different styles of music I have described in this review. As for Hawkwind fans, they should run to their favorite CD store (or their computer) and order Space Gypsy as quikly as possible.

Very nice work Mr. Turner!!