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Immortal Remains

a Studio release
Rick Miller

Release Year: 2013

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Released digitally on March 28, 2013

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  1. Rats In My Darkness 03:02
  2. Ode To An Angel 09:20
  3. Like A Drug 05:05
  4. The Hands Of Time 10:20
  5. The Oasis 02:42
  6. Sanctity 04:50
  7. Providence 05:18
  8. My Atom Heart 02:21
Rick Miller
all instruments and vocals

Kane Miller: acoustic guitar and violin
Sarah Young: flute
Mateusz Swoboda: cello
Barry Haggarty: stratocaster guitar
Ruth Archer: the spoken word on 'Ode To An Angel' and 'Sanctity'

Reviewed by Nuno on 28 Jun 2013

Canadian multi instrumentist Rick Miller is a prolific author. This is an obvious constatation when checking his discography which has been increasing in a yearly basis. 2013 brings us Immortal Remains, an awesome and pure release filled in emotional playing and singing.

Things are kept many times in eerie and haunting atmospheres, even when the acoustic guitar sets the pace (listen to the beautiful first part of Ode to An Angel). In fact, this fantastic artist’s musicality has been becoming mellower by the record, and the way the orchestral instrumentations are entwined in the tracks is nothing short of breathtaking. For instance, the Cello in the second part of Ode to An Angel takes the listener to a whole angelic dimension. It is this capacity to transport the listener to new atmospheres filled in imagery and imagination that really fascinates me the most about Rick Miller.

And then the singing, the spoken word and the playing itself is punctuated by an utter emotional charge…always.

While mostly slow and spacey, the tracks are very rich in content. The details aplenty, the interaction between the various intruments and the bridges between different passages even if within the same track, all is very well thought and written and then tightly played, with expression and lots of soul!


Perhaps that is what ends up captivating me the most about Rick Millers music in general and this album in particular: the soul with which everything is filled; the pure instrumentation; the vivid singing; the emotional journey that has the capacity to enrapture us into an inner flying with the same ease that it keeps us eartbound.


This album is an experience on itself. And honestly, if you like thoughtful space rock tingled in symphonic prog that is presented in a mellow, slow but highly emotional way, then this release is nothing less than obligatory!