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The Brecker Brothers Band Reunion

a Studio release
Randy Brecker

Release Year: 2013

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Released on 26 Mar 2013.

This is a CD+DVD.  The CD is a studio recording, the DVD captures Brecker live at the Blue Note.

The band on this recording consists of former members of the Brecker Brothers studio and touring bands.

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CD: Studio CD

  1. First Tune Of The Set
  2. Stellina
  3. The Dipshit
  4. Merry Go Town
  5. The Slag
  6. Really In For It
  7. Elegy For Mike
  8. On The Rise
  9. Adina
  10. R N Bee
  11. Musician’s Ol’ Lady Dues Blues


DVD: Live at the blue Note

  1. First Tune Of The Set
  2. The Slag
  3. Adina
  4. Really In For It
  5. Straphangin’
  6. Stellina
  7. Merry Go Town
  8. Inside Out
  9. Some Skunk Funk

Randy Brecker

David Sanborn

Mike Stern

Will Lee

Dave Weckl

George Whitty

Ada Rovatti