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Live at Béla Bartók National Concert Hall - Budapest/Hungary DVD

a Live Video release
Tangerine Dream

Release Year: 2012

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Released by eastgate (013 DVD)

The Budapest concert was the opener for Tangerine Dream’s Electric Mandarine Tour on 10th April 2012.

Filmed and recorded by a Hungarian Broadcast team there is also a 3 CD set issued of the concert.

Comes with a full colour 12 page booklet.

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  1. The Sensational Fall Of The Master Builder
  2. Breaching Sky
  3. Morphing
  4. Song Of The Whale (to dusk)
  5. Ayumi's Loom
  6. Logos
  7. Purple Of All Curtains
  8. Marmontel Riding On A Clef
  9. Living In Eternity
  10. The Silver Boots Of Bartlett Green
  11. Ricochet (extract)
  12. Hoël Dhat The Alchemist
  13. Lady Monk
  14. Long Island Sunset
  15. Circle Of Eternity
  16. Blue Bridge
  17. Alchemy Of The Heart
  18. Adiós A Cusco
  19. Homeless
  20. Warsaw In The Sun
  21. Transition
  22. Girl On The Stairs

  23. Summer (Four Seasons)
  24. One Night In Space
  25. Star Wars Theme (R2-D2 Joke)

Edgar Froese

Keyboards, Electric Guitar

Thorsten Quaeschning

Keyboards, Electronic Wind Instrument

Bernhard Beibl

Electric Guitar

Iris Camaa

Electronic Drums [V-Drums], Percussion

Linda Spa

Saxophone, Flute, Keyboards

Hoshiko Yamane

Acoustic and Electric Violin, Cello

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