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Crazy Fluid

a Studio release
Spirits Burning

Release Year: 2010

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Released by Voiceprint (VP492CD)

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  1. Holy Water And The Sea Movers - 7:27
  2. My Caspian Sea Monster - 10:17
  3. Slicing Through The Unknown Plantagenets - 9:03
  4. I Don't Want To Grow Up And Be A Scent Dealer Like You - 1:57
  5. Carvella - 6:38
  6. Pinball Symphonics - 10:52
  7. Martian Crystals - 6:00
  8. Liquid Clocks - 5:26
  9. Fondue Fuels - 7:44
  10. The Book of Luana - 10:26
    1. Luana Doom!
    2. Luana The Duchess
    3. A Preacher For Luana
    4. Luana The Host [And The Carnival For The Defense]

Don Falcone
keyboards, bass, vocals


Daevid Allen: guitar, vocals
Karen Anderson: guitar, vocals
Jsun Atoms: vocals
Ileesha Bailey: vocals
Scott Brazieal: keyboards
Dan Carter: drums
Michael Clare: bass
Graham Clark: violin
Herb Diamant: reeds
Joe Diehl: guitar
Ernie Falcone: vocals
Amy Hedges: clarinet
Jerry Jeter: guitar, vocals
Barney Jones: guitar, synth
Keith Kniveton: synth
William Kopecky: bass
Gary Parra: drums
Purjah: wind, guitar
Cyndee Lee Rule: violin
Trey Sabatelli: drums, percussion
Karl E. H. Seigfried: bass
Scotty Smith: drums, percussion
Richard Wileman: guitar
Randy Wilson: samples, keyboards
Bridget Wishart: vocals
Pete Yarbrough: cello, bass
Greg Yaakovic: guitar