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Behold the Action Man

a Studio release
Spirits Burning

Release Year: 2011

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Released by Gonzo Multimedia

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  1. Rendezvous at Lava Lounge - 5:41
  2. Stand and Deliver - 4:45
  3. The Real Time - 5:08
  4. Internal Detective - 4:23
  5. Strafed by a UFO - 4:21
  6. Outcast - 4:45
  7. HypnoSpy - 4:48
  8. Crank Up the Vibes - 3:31
  9. The Train - 4:00
  10. Hemlock on the Rocks - 5:07
  11. Every Space Opera - 4:44
  12. Obelisk of Fondue - 3:00
  13. Astral Flight Gassed - 4:47
  14. This Mark You Make - 5:08
  15. Pieces des Innocents Noir - 2:42
  16. Underworld Messiah - 5:10

Don Falcone
Bells, Drum Loop, Drums, Effects, Bass, Keyboards, Loops, Mellotron, Mixing, Organ, Percussion Programming, Electric Piano, Synthesizer, Synthesizer Bass, Synthesizer Percussion, Tambura, Vocals


Robert Rich: Synthesizer
Cyndee Lee Rule: Violin
Purjah: Bass
Michael Moorcock: Inspiration
Daevid Allen: Guitars, Vocals
Dave Adams: Bass
Karen Anderson: Guitar, Tambourine
Deb Angelosanto: Acoustic Guitar
Jsun Atoms: Vocals
Al Bouchard: Drums, Acoustic Guitar
Paul Braunbehrens: Bass
Michael Clare: Bass
Jaime Cortinas: Bass
Alan Davey: Bass, Guitar, Synthesizer, Synthesizer Bass
Joe Diehl: Guitar
Kev Ellis: Vocals
Thom Evans: Chimes, Djembe, Frame Drum
Catherine Foreman: Model, Vocals
Paul Fox: Bass, Synthesizer
Paul Hayles: Synthesizer
Gitta Mackay: Vocals
Kenneth Magnusson: Lead, Mellotron, Saxophone, Strings, Synthesizer
George McDonald: Electronics, Electric Guitar, Theremin
Bob Mild: Drums
Mike Moskowitz: Guitar
Deb Nash: Organ, Synthesizer Pads
Gary Parra: Drums
Randy Raine-Reusch: Wood Flute, Zither
Trey Sabatelli: Congas, Drums
Karl E.H. Seigfried: Double Bass
David Speight: Drums
Paul Williams: Drums
Tracy Lee Williams: Guitar, Tambourine, Vocals
Bridget Wishart: Clarinet, EWI, Vocals
Don Xaliman: Bass