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Healthy Music In Large Doses

a Studio release
Spirits Burning & Clearlight

Release Year: 2013

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Released by Gonzo (HST117CD)

Mastered by Robert Rich

This recording features Don FalconeCyrille Verdeaux / Clearlight, with Daevid Allen (Gong), Hawkwind family members Bridget Wishart, Adrian Shaw, Paul Hayles, & Andy Anderson (The Cure), Pete Pavli (High Tide), Fabio Golfetti (Gong), Robert Rich, plus members of Broun Fellinis, Cartoon, Flutatious, Manfred Mann's Chapter Three, Melodic Energy Commission, The Muffins, Thinking Plague, Universal Totem Orchestra, & more. 

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  1. Treasures At the Dawn of the Century - 5:07
  2. Raised On Coal & Oil - 6:44
  3. Our Secret Cloud - 8:15
  4. Infinite City - 6:32
  5. Hand Signals & Daily Horoscopes - 5:19
  6. Cool Can of Cola On the Forehead - 4:49
  7. Healin Power of Magnets - 6:54
  8. Travellin Sideways - 5:17
  9. The Kingdom of Music (Bons Sens Revisited) - 4:40
  10. In Search of Friends On the Day of Masks - 4:42
  11. Italian Lake - 2:52
  12. The Road To Shave Ice - 6:44
  13. Bring It Down - 5:29

Don Falcone
Bells, Bird Calls, Finger Cymbals, Bass, Hi Hat, Marimba, Organ, Percussion, Piano, Electric Piano, Sampling, Shaker, Strings, Synthesizer, Whistle, Wind

Clearlight (Cyrille Verdeaux)
Juno, Keyboards, Organ, Pan Flute, Piano, Vocals


Daevid Allen: Guitar, Mouth Bass, Mouth Drums, Vocals
Andy Anderson: Drums
Yanik Lorenzo Andreatta: Bass
Giuliano Beber: Guitar
Scott Brazical: Piano, Synthesizer
Kevin Carnes: Drums
Daniel Todd Carter: Tabla
Michael Clare: Bass
Tom Dambly: Flugelhorn, Trumpet
Doug Erickson: Guitar
Thom Evans: Jaw Harp
Stella Ferguson: Violin
Francesco Festi: Vocals
Ana Torres Fraile: Vocals
Fabio Golfetti: Glissando, Guitar
Uto G. Golin: Drums, Vocals
Paul Hayles: Synthesizer
Frank Hensel: Horn, Strings, Synthesizer
Jerry Jeter: Guitar
Chris Kovacs: Synthesizer, Tabla
Kenneth Magnusson: Mellotron
Fabrizio Mattuzzi: Keyboards, Piano
Pierce McDowell: Bass
Pete Pavli: Bass, Viola
Purjah: Bass Clarinet, Soprana and Tenor Sax, Electric Sitar, Woodwind
Dan Romeo: Synthesizer, Tapes
Cyndee Lee Rule: Violin
Paul Sears: Drums
Karl E.H. Seigfried: Double Bass, Bass
Adrian Shaw: Bass
Scotty Smith: Drums
David Speight: Drums, Percussion
Jay Tausig: 12 String Guitar, Electric Guitar (Electric)
Dave Willey: Accordion
Bridget Wishart: Cello, EWI, Horn, English Horn, Trumpet, Violin
Don Xaliman: Chimes, Gong
Steve York: Bass