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Voyage 34 The Complete Trip

a Compilation/Boxed-Set release
Porcupine Tree

Release Year: 1999

Date Label Catalog # Comments
30 Jun 2000 Delec CD 074
31 Oct 2004 Snapper SDPCD167 Remaster-Reissue. New cover art
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  1. Voyage 34 - Phase 1 (12:54)
  2. Voyage 34 - Phase 2 (17:24)
  3. Voyage 34 - Phase 3 (19:24)
  4. Voyage 34 - Phase 4 (13:42)
Steven Wilson
Guitar, Vocals
Richard Barbieri
Colin Edwin
Chris Maitland
Drums, Backing Vocals

Reviewed by Nuno on 29 Jan 2002

Voyage 34 extravaganza has brought some controversy amongst those aware of Porcupine Tree’s prolific career.
Though I understand why the fuzz, I tend to look at the album in a different perspective and I have come to enjoy it for what it means and stands for…
This is a concept album about a person’s trip on LSD. With tremendous honesty (we must recognise that), PT tried to represent in music exactly that, an album that is fully psychedelic and experimental, as the music seams also drowned in lysergic acid.
There are only 4 songs featured in this work, in a total playing time that is over one hour of psycho turmoil.
The first two songs lay upon a rhythmic guitar section that most remind me of some Pink Floyd’s The Wall era (something coming out of the most quiet parts of Run Like Hell). To complement it, there are programmed keyboard rhythms and highly experimental guitar solos, turning these songs into something new and strange.
The last two songs are more chaotic ambient oriented. Like a paranoid voyage through turbulent thoughts that most defy the patience of those who may not understand the representative musicality of the album’s concept story.
To sum, this is an album that will not satisfy a large number of PT’s fans for it is far off the usual tracks of the band. But those willing to explore and to grant wings to PT’s experiences on new levels and approaches, this will be most welcomed and properly appreciated.
I say: don't use drugs...use music! It's healthier and you will trip in a better way!

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