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Xenosonic Journeys

a Studio release
Gino Foti

Release Year: 2013

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Released on 5 March 2013

About this release, Gino Foti writes:

"This album acts a terminal point for the previous four, and once again, my musical compass points in all directions of the globe. There is actually more material closer to prog rock on this release, thanks mostly to my Electrum counterpart - electric guitarist Dave Kulju - on two of the longest tracks, and improvisational jazz phenom drummer Massimo DeAngelis on the album's closer. Also, there's one track that was directly influenced by the drumming of Neil Peart & Scott Rockenfield."


"Most of the album features compositions with two bass guitars playing simultaneously, in various configurations: fretted & fretless, dry & effected, rhythm & lead, etc., with the rest incorporating newer genres and styles, such as: ambient, downtempo, electronica, techno, trance, et al. to my fusion of jazz, rock and world music."

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  1. For Those Who Die With All Their Music In Them - 7:46
    • Part I: Counting Each Moment Precious
    • Part II: The Promise Fulfilled
  2. Citizen Of The World - 4:02
  3. Ten Directions - 7:20
    • Part I: Ocean Of Ultimate Peace
    • Part II: Seas Of Endless Time
  4. Latitudes And Longitudes - 6:04
  5. Pathless Lands - 5:42
    • Part I: Unlimited Horizons
    • Part II: Syncretic Sojourns
  6. Saraswati - 4:34
  7. Measure Of The Universe - 5:48
    • Part I: Amid The Asterisms
    • Part II: Barque Of Salvation
  8. La Convivencia - 5:00
  9. Symbiotic Realms - 4:03
  10. Wayfaring - 4:22
  11. Chrysalis Of Eternity - 6:50
    • Part I: Against The Empty Lavender Skies
    • Part II: Tzolk'in
  12. Among Sacred Rivers - 5:47

    • Part I: Shiva Stotram

    • Part II: Shiva Mangalam




Gino Foti

Bass Guitars, MIDI Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Loops & Samples


Dave Kulju:  Electric Guitars on Seas Of Endless Time and Latitudes And Longitudes
Massimo DeAngelis:  V-Drums on Tzolk'in
Sri Sastry:  Vocals on Among Sacred Rivers