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Out There Must Be Something

a Live Video release

Release Year: 2012

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Recorded live in Mannheim in 2012 and released by Golden Core Records on 30 Nov 2012.

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  1. Intro: The Weight Of The Stone
  2. Echoes In Eternity
  3. My Sanctuary
  4. The Sea
  5. Feeding Utopia
  6. Walking With Ghosts
  7. The Lifespan Of A Glimpse
  8. The Size Of Light On Earth [acoustic]
  9. Eyes Wide Open [acoustic]
  10. Where Angels Fear To Tread
  11. Embers Part I: Your Secret Is Safe With Me
  12. Paradigm
  13. Touchstones
  14. The Trick Is To Keep Breathing
  15. Outro: Themeland

Ralf Schwager

Markus Steffen

David Bertok

Arno Menses
Vocals, Keyboards

Danilo Batdorf