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The Sky Moves Sideways

a Studio release
Porcupine Tree

Release Year: 1995

Date Label Catalog # Comments
initial Issue 1995
Reissued in 2003 in an expanded 2 CD edition. Dislocated Day and The Moon Touches Your Shoulder are new mixes with Gavin Harrison replacing the programmed drums with real drums. Moonloop is a hybrid version which contains all the music from the original Sky Moves Sideways CD release, but also 3 minutes that only appeared within a different edit that was issued only on the Moonloop EP.
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1995 Original Issue

  1. The Colour of Air
  2. I Find That I'm Not There
  3. Wire The Drum
  4. Spiral Circus
  5. Stars Die
  6. Moonloop
  7. Dislocated Day
  8. The Moon Touches Your Shoulder
  9. Is... Not
  10. Off The Map

2003 Expanded Edition Release

  • CD-1
  1. The Sky Moves Sideways Phase 1 (18.39)
  2. Dislocated Day (5.24)
  3. The Moon Touches Your Shoulder (5.40)
  4. Prepare Yourself (1.58)
  5. The Sky Moves Sideways Phase 2 (16.48)
  • CD-2
  1. The Sky Moves Sideways (alternate version) (34.37)
  2. Stars Die (5.01)
  3. Moonloop (improvisation) (16.18)
  4. Moonloop (coda) (4.52)

Steven Wilson
Guitar, Vocals

Richard Barbieri

Colin Edwin

Chris Maitland
Drums, Backing Vocals

Guest on 2003 Reissue Only:

Gavin Harrision: Drums

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