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Returning Jesus demos

a Single or EP release

Release Year: 2005

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A collection of the demos written and recorded for Returning Jesus, this download album was originally issued as the third disc of Tonefloat's Returning Jesus - The Complete Sessions vinyl release in 2005

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  1. song about the heart 22 february 1994
  2. darkroom alternate version - february 1998
  3. like a child august 1998
  4. chelsea cap alternate version - december 1997
  5. lighthouse demo - april 1994
  6. slow it all down long version - september 1998
  7. all that you are  demo - september 1996

Tim Bowness

Steven Wilson
All instruments


Steve Jansen: drums, percussion

Colin Edwin: bass & double bass

David Kosten: synth drone / ride cymbal

Theo Travis: saxophone

Ian Carr: trumpet

Ian Dixon: trumpet , flugelhorn

Ben Christophers: acoustic guitar