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a Studio release

Release Year: 2018

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Infernal is the concluding chapter to the trilogy which began with Great Leap and continued with Doomsday Afternoon.  

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  1. Cast Out And Cold
  2. The Error Lives On
  3. Inquisitor
  4. We Only Have Eyes For You
  5. Sourdome
  6. The Walker
  7. Wake The Sleeper
  8. c99
  9. Tumbleweed
  10. The Order Of Protection (one)
  11. Metro Deathfire
  12. Transit
  13. In Dissonance We Play
  14. The Sleepers Wake
  15. The Order Of Protection (two)
  16. From Hydrogen To Love
  17. Eternal
  18. Endgame - An End
Phideaux Xavier
acoustic guitar, piano, vocals

Ariel Farber: vocals, violin
'Bloody' Rich Hutchins: drums
Mathew Kennedy: bass guitar
Gabriel Moffat: electric guitar
Mark Sherkus: keyboards, piano
Johnny Unicorn: keyboards, saxophone, vocals