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The Lonely Heartbeat

a Studio release
Roine Stolt

Release Year: 1989

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CD (Foxtrot Records 1989)
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  1. Early Morning Manhattan
  2. Mister Sunshine
  3. Goodbye Blue Monday
  4. White Men Of N.Y.C.
  5. Burning Bridges
  6. Crawl Like Aa Animal
  7. Take aWalk In The Rain
  8. Shine (Awakening)
  9. I Still Beleive
  10. Ring of Light
  11. Big Daddy
  12. Stranger (In My Own House)
  13. The Lonely Heartbeat
  14. Freinds Of Freedom
  15. The River (The End)
Roine Stolt
vocals, guitars, Midi guitar, bass, keyboards
Thomas Björnklund
Tomas Bodin
Mikael Grahn
vocals(2,3,6 to 13)
Jonas Söderström
Kjell Kalin
Andreas Kebbon
bass (9)
Karin Larssonvvocals (4)
Cia Lindberg
vocals (4,9)
Roger Olsson
keyboards, vocals (4,5,9,11,12,14,15)
Marlon Tepedino
percussion (5,9, 12,14)
Putte Wickman
clarinet (1,4)