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Time Tells A Different Story

a Compilation/Boxed-Set release
High Spy

Release Year: 2011

Date Label Catalog # Comments
01 Sep 2011 56736/HB10 CD
The band writes:

"A collection of different tracks
The end of a chapter - the start of a new one.....?"

Concert Photography by  Martin Kessell - Front Cover by John Aldersea
CD Layout & Video by Bomark Studios - Mastered at Headset Studios June 2011
Music by HIGH SPY - Lyrics by Ade Peddie

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  1. Drowning (Video Version)
  2. American Alien (NASA Wake up - Version)
  3. Joy Peace Love & Madness (Alternative Version)
  4. Secret Garden (Acoustic Version)
  5. Year by Year (Interview at BBC Radio Stoke)
  6. Drowning (Demo Version 1)
  7. Friend (Airplay on Prog Rock Radio/Six Towns)
  8. American Alien (Myspace Version)
  9. Drowning (Demo Version 2)

Lee Weston
Bass, Vocals

Mark Stokes

Mark Price

Arny Wheatley

Ade Peddie
Vocals (2-8)


Spencer Crossley: Vocals (1)
Phil Kirk: Vocals (9)